Jun ‘ 2024

Uncover the history of Buddhism in Bodhgaya

Long-time back a young prince who had renounced all his riches and luxury decided to sit under a very big fig tree to find the answers to some of the problems he had perceived that kept baffling his mind. He meditated under the tree oblivious to everything around him and opened his eyes to enlightenment.  This holy tree came to be known as the Mahabodhi tree and the place as Bodhgaya. And this young prince is none other than Gautama Budhha-the founder of Buddhism that was followed by many people who found other ancient practices and rules created in the name of religion regressive and suffocating.

gaya 3All the nooks and corners of Bodhgaya are filled with historical artifacts and relics of Buddhism and every year it attracts myriads of tourists and pilgrims alike who come to experience the serenity and maybe a fraction of the peace that Buddha felt after attaining enlightenment. Frontiers Beyond cannot express the beauty of the place and cannot stress enough the significance of the same when it comes to Buddhism religion as this was the place that gave a life-changing experience to Lord Buddha and also his name Buddha which means the enlightened one.

Bodh Gaya is very close to the small city of Gaya which is in modern-day Bihar state and considered as a very important religious site for the Hindus.  It is just 17 km and Gaya is the nearest railway station and airport to Bodh Gaya. But many people plan to travel from Patna which is the capital city of Bihar and has an airport that is well connected to all the major Indian cities. Patna is 110 km and people prefer to take a drive to Bodhgaya. If so, many options boggle your mind, then we at Frontiers Beyond can plan your perfect trip be it a historic getaway or a tranquil pilgrimage. You do what you do best while leaving the planning in our hands.

gaya 4It is so interesting to note that the original Bodhi tree is no more living but its closest descendant the original tree now stands on the site. Just like this tree, the Ananda bodhi tree and Sri Mahabodhi tree in Sri Lanka are of great significance to the religion and are believed to have been propagated from the original tree. Forest Research Institute of India takes great care of the Mahabodhi tree of Bodhgaya to ensure it lives with its glory of being a part of Buddha’s spiritual journey. They have also considered cloning the tre to prevent its genes from perishing ever. People collect its leaves as a relic and a memento-something to dearly cherish.

The great king Ashoka paid his yearly homage to this place and took up many restoration activities around the Bodhi tree under which Lord Budhha meditated nonstop for 49 days practicing severe penance. The tree has been felled by many other Monarchs and emperors but magically there has always been growth in its place and continued the lineage of the great event.

One of the other notable places to visit is Bodhi Sarovar which is believed to have given a chance to Lord Buddha to take a dip in its holy water. Today many pilgrims come from across the country and from other Buddhist nations to perform various religious ceremonies on the pond.

gaya 2The Mahabodhi Temple is also a notable site which is 170 feet talk and is stationed on the east side of the Bodhi tree.

Durgeshwari Cave Temples which is 12 km from Bodhgaya is a place of significance as Lord Buddha meditated here for long during his enlightenment period.

However, if you had enough food for your mind, it’s time we take you to some of the delectable cafes around the place.  The Nirvana Veg café is a paradise for all veg-loving people or pilgrims who would like to restrict themselves to vegetarian meals during the visit, yet wants to try something quirky. Since the town has a touch of the oriental, as most oriental countries have openly accepted Buddhism, the food also has touches of the same. To taste oriental food we highly recommend Tibetan Om Café. Siam Thai Restaurant is another place for tasting Thai cuisine which is again a form of oriental cuisine.

Bodhgaya is a small town but has much to offer in terms of experiences, especially when considering the spiritual quotient. To ensure you get to experience an overall fulfilling tour, Frontiers Beyond can be your travel and knowledge partner and we will surely not let you down.