Dec ‘ 2023

Shillong: Where Every Step Unveils a New Discovery

And did you think Cherry Blossom happens only in Japan? No way! India has its very beautiful hamlet Shillong in the northeast that boasts of glorious cherry blossom season and a grand festival in the month of November every year. Shillong has been bestowed with abundant beauty by mother nature. Thick forests, misty rainfalls, rolling khasi hills, and tumbling waterfalls around. The crown jewel of Meghalaya is a capital city but still quite raw and beautiful. Come and experience this beauty by holding the hands of Frontiers Beyond.

ShillongShillong being the capital city of the beautiful northeastern state of Meghalaya is connected to Guwahati, a city in Assam that is around 96 km away. Guwahati can be reached via train or air from Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai.  The Umroi Airport of Shillong is however not so well connected and has once in a while flight from Kolkata.  Frontiers Beyond can recommend you the perfect itinerary depending on your time and budget.

Umiam LakeWhile coming from Guwahati by road or taxi, you can get mesmerized by the beauty of Umiam Lake which is fondly referred as Badatalav by the locals. Dotted with green forests and perfectly decorated ranges of Khasi hills, this is your first welcome to the beautiful city of Shillong.

ShillongThe city has beautiful waterfalls like Elephant Falls and Sweet Falls and as you move towards the Cherrapunjee site once famous for being the wettest place on earth you come across the gorgeous Nohkalikai falls and the Seven Sisters falls.   Or the beautiful Spread Eagle falls that has an amazing expanse and the roads leading to it are such a balm to souls.

Some of the other notable places in Shillong include Ward’s Lake which is a very well-preserved lake built with a park around for a lovely jog. Even Lady Hydari Park is so beautiful and is one of the places to enjoy cherry blossoms when the city adorns itself with blooming pink petals.

ShillongTo see the city in all its glory you must climb up Shillong Peak. It gives an amazing view of the mountains and the valley below. We highly recommend you see the pine and rhododendron flowers surrounding the beautiful Shillong Golf Course. It is believed that the local grass grown on the soil makes it’s a challenging ground for all golfers. If not for the love of Golf, u must visit it for its absolute sheer beauty. The Mawphlang Sacred Forest will transport you to some other land as you hear streams flow and choose to sit and relax or reflect. A bit away from the hustle and bustle of the city the little forest is a peace haven.

For all artefact lovers Frontiers Beyond cannot stress enough the visits to State Museum, Rhino Heritage Museum, the beautiful cultural meusuem called Ever Living Museum which gives a sneak peek into the tribal lives of Garo, Khasi and Jaintia people. Air Force Museum is also a fascinating place to look for missiles, rockets and fighter jets.

Dawki lakeIf you have time and are interested to see some of the other notable places we can also help you take a trip to Umgot river or Dawki river, which is so clear and clean that it casts the shadow of the boats that sail over it making it look as if they are hanging in the air. It is some 82 km away from Shillong and is very close to the Bangladesh border in which the river flows. Or you can visit Mawsynram, the place on earth that receives the maximum rainfall today. Or visit Mawlynnong, which was declared the cleanest village in Asia in 2003. Say what? Wish to breathe in some purged air?

Apart from these are some beautiful old churches to visit like All Saints Cathedral or the Mary Help for Christian Cathedral. They are some perfect locations to enjoy solitude even if you are not a firm believer in spirituality.

ShillongYour Shillong trip can never be over without tasting some super cheap but amazingly tasty oriental dishes. Momos, noodles, and hot soups are your best bets when the wintry chills knock on the door. Roma eatery and Coccoon’s Supper Club are some of the cool restaurants to visit but you can walk into any small-time shop when u r heading for a long trip ahead. And for your leisurely days feel free to shop for Eri silk which is very exclusive to Shillong apart from other Gari, Khasi, and Jaintia mementos.

If you thought this is all Shillong is all about, no you are wrong, we at Frontiers Beyond can curate some more trips for you for your insta worthy content and wanderlust spirit.