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Oct ‘ 2023

Rishikesh – In the base of the Himalayas

No trip is complete in India without a spiritual immersion in its divine entity. There are many places that offer a spiritual haven, but you will surely not find a place as wholesome as Rishikesh. The mountainous region nestled beautifully in the Garhwal Ranges of the mighty Himalayas attracts travelers of all classes and kinds. As the mighty Ganges gurgles down the town happily lilting to mellifluous natural music, across the town, you realize the serenity of this place has no match.

The Yoga capital of India, Rishikesh offers tranquility for the pining and wounded souls through some unique experiences. This quaint town situated in the foothills of the mountains is the Gateway to the Garhwal Mountain ranges. It is where the ancient meets the modern. Many saints and hermits from time immemorial have visited the place in search of peace and salvation, but you will still find even to date there are other worldly-looking saints gracing the streets and banks of the river in Rishikesh. Again, at the same time, you will also find walls filled with beautiful graffiti singing praise to the life-giving mother river Ganga or Ganges.

RishikeshTime for some mythological trivia: It is said that righteousness embodiment, king Rama, had practiced penance in Rishikesh, before embarking on the journey to save his consort Sita from the clutches of the 10-headed demon king Ravana, while his brother Lakshmana made use of Jute ropes to cross the river Ganga and this bridge is now popularly known as “Lakshman Jhula” This suspension bridge is located 5 km away from Rishikesh, and during early hours it can be your best bet for some amazing photo opportunities.

Rishikesh cannot be reached by air or train directly. One has to take a 5-hour journey by road if coming from the national capital Delhi, and with Haridwar, it is again a small car travel. There are options and you need not muddle your mind with them as Frontiers Beyond can plan it perfectly to suit your needs.

The town is very distinctly divided between Eastern and Western sides and the yoga enthusiasts always prefer the Western more. Though both sides have yoga opportunities. And it can be so healing that many travelers who had embarked on a journey to Rishikesh for only 3 to 7 days have turned into ex-pats, who like meeting new people, sipping coffee, tapping their feet to live music, and breathing in the air of Rishikesh.

Beatle Ashram RishikeshFor long stays, the Ashrams are great options and near the Phoolchatti region which is somewhat secluded, you can really disconnect from the remaining world and let yourself loose in the regime followed by the Ashram for a totally detoxifying effect.

Sound music healing is another beautiful experience you can immerse yourself in at Devi Music Ashram. It usually lasts for 2 hours and better to go there before the time slot since it is quite highly sought.

Neergarh waterfall is another beautiful place to visit which can be easily walked and reached. To avoid crowds you may start early, however, if you wish to meet people on the way and sip some tea in the local shanties and watch out for some amusing antics on the monkeys inhabiting the region, then slog at a favorable time. The walk makes for some amazing views of the river as you take the steep road.

RishikeshHowever, if you are an adrenaline junkie, Frontiers beyond can open some exciting opportunities to soak in Rishikesh. We can help you identify and group you for some amazing camping experiences combined with some trekking.

Also, Rishikesh proudly boasts one of the highest points for Bungee jumping which will surely blow your mind. A plunge of 83 meters can wrack nerves and give fiery goosebumps, but trust us if this is what you want and wish to avoid long waiting and pre-booking hassles.

River Rafting in RishikeshWhite water rafting is still not so common in the mountainous riverside town, so when Rishikesh, is a place where you can totally enjoy this mind-boggling experience and you will love the team spirit that is so evident during the experience. We can also help you identify some beach locations around the river despite of it getting touristy and crowded. Yes, the Ganga River does make way for some beaches.

 Rajaji National ParkRishikesh also provides you with some tiger-spotting activities in the Rajaji National Park. There are various tour options available and as per your budget and time availability, we can help you plan the perfect safari. We can also help you visit a nearby village on a village trek to please your eyes with incredible views.

Still more enthusiastic with treks? Then let’s take you to the Kunjapuri temple early morning to see the surreal sunrise on a 28 km long trek.  Not only the sunrise, but the view of the river valley will be so satisfying.

If you like shopping for all health-related essentials then Rishikesh will sweep you off your feet. This place has some of the warmest shopkeepers and easy-to-walk lanes for exploring and making your picks with ample time.

Rishikesh Evening AartiIf temple runs are becoming too religious, then you can leave everything aside and check out the Ganga Arti performed on the banks of the river and then happily walk into any of the cafes like TAT, Shambala, Little Budhha Café, and more. You can enjoy multiple cuisines and even have vegan options to die for.

Holi RishikeshOne of the most celebrated festivals in Rishikesh is the festival of colors or Holi. This aims to celebrate the victory of good over evil and the city breathes a new life as people head towards the Ganga beach to revel in colors. Camp activities, trekking, and soaking in some sun -all are combined during the festive season and you can bet that you shall enjoy the time of your life.

Wait no further, if a mountainous town is your next destination where you are looking for a wholesome experience and hold our hands if you want this really unique and offbeat.

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