Jun ‘ 2024

Uncover the history of Buddhism in Bodhgaya

Long-time back a young prince who had renounced all his riches and luxury decided to sit under a very big fig tree to find the answers to some of the problems he had perceived that kept...

holi main
Mar ‘ 2024

Holi: India’s Heartwarming Festival that...

The festival that displays hues like no other, transcends border to reflect purity, ushers in hope as it welcomes the vibrant spring in the Indian subcontinent-Holi it is. As pure as its...

ganga 4
Feb ‘ 2024

Dive into the Sacred Waters of the Ganga

Ganga: India's Sacred Lifeline Origin: A Divine Descent The Ganga, a river that breathes life into the heart of India, originates from the Gangotri Glacier in the Himalayas and...

Modhera main
Jan ‘ 2024

The Mesmerizing Modhera Sun Temple Dance Festival

Step into a realm where the Sun Temple of Modhera transforms into a canvas of psychedelic hues every January, painting an ethereal Chiaroscuro effect across its intricately carved...

Dec ‘ 2023

Shillong: Where Every Step Unveils a New Discovery

And did you think Cherry Blossom happens only in Japan? No way! India has its very beautiful hamlet Shillong in the northeast that boasts of glorious cherry blossom season and a grand...

Dec ‘ 2023

Hampi : A Journey to Ancient Architectural...

When you think of a place suitable for family travel, or solo backpacking, a hippie paradise and a haven for a history lover, a little bit of adventure trekking combined with ancient and...

Port Blair
Nov ‘ 2023

Havelock Island – Exploring the...

Life seems to stop on the islands of Andaman, which is like a jewel on the seas of the Indian subcontinent. Some solitary walks and some gorgeous sunsets teamed with soporific and...

Ellora Caves main
Nov ‘ 2023

Ajanta and Ellora – In the heart of...

Once upon a time, in the heart of India's Maharashtra state, nestled within the rugged terrain of the Western Ghats, lie the exquisite rock-cut caves of Ajanta and Ellora. These...

lakshman jhula rishikesh
Oct ‘ 2023

Rishikesh – In the base of the Himalayas

No trip is complete in India without a spiritual immersion in its divine entity. There are many places that offer a spiritual haven, but you will surely not find a place as wholesome as...

Mandu Madhya Pradesh
Oct ‘ 2023

Mandu – The heartlands of India

The heartlands of India, have some gorgeous landscapes and powerful kingdoms which boast lovely architecture and unmatched wildlife experiences; Madhya Pradesh, one of the largest central...