We are storytellers, we live, breathe and weave stories. Travel for us, is the most beautiful way to experience stories, hence we decided to bring people and stories together by starting a dynamic travel company in 2010 and we called it Frontier Beyond. The aim was and is to travel to the known, experience out of the ordinary and come back with a story that stays within you forever.

Today, we successfully operate in two verticals. Our first vertical is curating and crafting travel experiences for a diverse set of clients. Second, a beautiful accident – now a full-fledged business vertical. We partner with international production houses, who are keen to make documentaries and films in India. We collaborate from start to finish enabling them to achieve their end goal. 

What sets us apart is the ability to see beyond the obvious, planning skills, skilled travel associates, and passion for travel. We can make you travel India like no one else, with our set of vetted locations and travel nuances. As a travel partner, you will find us prompt, compassionate, flexible, accountable, and most importantly reliable. 

We also take immense pleasure in what we believe – Our emphasis on giving back to society. At Frontiers Beyond we take our CSR very seriously. Each member of the team is aligned and we work together to uplift the society.



Founder & Managing Director

With a solid MBA in Tourism Management, 15 years of experience and a great eye for detail, Ashish leads the company with full vigour and passion. His insane amount of love for travel and storytelling was the real reason he started this company. Today people know him as an enterprising, compassionate and an accomplished leader in the travel domain and outside. An avid traveller, Ashish is also great at understanding and scoping customer needs. He is in favour of building the business with integrity, ethical principles and creativity. His vision and his team are the reasons behind winning multiple accolades and awards for the company. He has carved a niche in the international tourism market.


Operations and Sales

After completing his MBA in Finance & Marketing in the year 2011, He fell into a Job in this travel organization and haven’t looked back since. 10 Years later, He still love conversing with new individuals, discovering what is most important to them, and afterward sending them off to their preferred locations.

Through his work, He found sudden and inconceivable encounters existed; new places to see, new people to meet, new cuisines to taste, new destinations to explore. The travel bug was tingling. He had worked in travel for more than 08 years and have had the chance to explore incredible swathes and different destinations, to add to his initial travel days. The assortment of encounters has been perpetual from Heritage to Adventures with Pilgrimage to Cultural and many more. He have had the joy of sharing these extraordinary encounters with our clients and travelers to shape and form their own travel desires. Nature and wildlife at its rawest remain his biggest passion and the opportunity to travel to a remote area is an encounter he would handle with both hands. He generally state that the majority of his activity includes problem-solving rather than involving in sales. Obviously, tuning in to the client’s requirement is priority and central. A few goals are only not for certain individuals, yet can handle that from direct understanding.


Sales and Marketing

With over 9 years of experience in the travel domain, Rajat is our client travel specialist with a master’s in commerce from Delhi University. He is passionate about travel like most of us who are a part of this company. He loves client engagement and building itineraries that matter. He also believes what sets him apart in the company is his patience and empathy skills.

He is a go-getter, works with confidence, and produces great results.


Designing & Promotional Activities

Mohit is meticulously planned, creative, and leads the promotional activities with great enthusiasm. He joined Frontiers Beyond in 2019 and since then he has been a big support system for the company. He manages online presence of the website and all social media profiles.


Linda is an experienced world traveler with a die heart passion for sustainable tourism. She is a firm believer that the power and choice come only through education and knowledge and education is the key to a better and healthier life. She previously ran UK based charitable organizations that worked very closely with differently-abled people and their families.

She set up an NGO called Varanasi Welfare Foundation in 2011. VWF works for the Empowerment of Women and the support of vulnerable children from the slums and streets in Varanasi. VWF works mainly through its education and training center in Varanasi and has two branches in Lalapura and Basai respectively.