Frontiers Beyond has carved a niche in this space. We have become an integral part of national and international production houses that choose to make a film or a documentary in India. We provide end-to-end solutions.

We specialise in planning all the arrival activities in India. Starting from the airport transfers, hotel arrangements and making the additional logistical arrangements. We have a team that is proactive and will make sure of a smooth arrival for you and your team.

Keeping in mind it can get very difficult to find the right resource person to get regulatory clearances in India and the neighbouring filming destinations. Our team has a solid network to organise any clearance we might need to film in a particular geography.

As we are a travel company and have travelled the length and breadth of India and the neighbouring countries. We will not waste your time and perhaps our experience will help you finalize locations in less time. We have seen and shot in the best locations. With our expertise, you can film in the most conducive locations. We are fully equipped to organize logistics for the entire team for the actual shoot.

We provide production, post-production, and special events services in controlled environments. Building upon the foundation of research and recce including maps, photos, videos, inventories and more, we can smoothly arrange each component of your filmmaking schedule.

India is a filming paradise. It is blessed with an expansive myriad of landscapes and a prodigious medley of subjects and contexts. We at Frontiers Beyond believe that the huge expanse of the country with its multiple cultures and social systems opened up teeming possibilities that wait for creative harnessing.

We fully appreciate and understand why a production house will choose India. Today, Frontiers Beyond is synonymous with success. The energetic and experienced team has an impeccable record of assisting many national and international production houses to shoot in India and in its neighbouring countries with absolute ease and comfort.