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Jan ‘ 2024

The Mesmerizing Modhera Sun Temple Dance Festival

Step into a realm where the Sun Temple of Modhera transforms into a canvas of psychedelic hues every January, painting an ethereal Chiaroscuro effect across its intricately carved corners. Frontiers Beyond invites you to witness the magic of the annual Modhera Dance Festival, a celebration of India’s cultural legacy and the architectural marvels of the Solanki Empire. This temple celebrates Sun and its allure and is located in the western state of Gujarat.

 How to reach Modhera Sun temple: It is located in the village of Modhera in Mehsana district of Gujarat. The nearest railway station is Mehsana and it is 25 km away from the temple. Mehsana is well connected to other important cities of Gujarat. The nearest airport is Ahmedabad which is around 105 km away from the temple. The city is very well connected with other major cities via air routes.

A Glimpse of History:

The Sun Temple, a masterpiece from the Golden Age, unfolds its splendor during the three-day Modhera Dance Festival, also known as the Uttarardh Mahotsav or Modhera Utsavis. This event has become a hallmark celebration of art, music, dance, and culture in the region, echoing the grandeur of a bygone era. The festival usually takes place during the third week of January and this year in 2024 it is to be held on 20th January and continue till 23rd January.


Cultural Fusion:

Modhera, the Sun Temple, narrates the tales of its patrons, the Solankis, through an architectural marvel. As dancers from every corner of the nation grace the temple grounds, a panorama of diverse dance forms and styles emerges. The sandstone figurines on the temple come to life, resonating with the legends of times past. A very beautiful lighting system is involved that adds to the aura as well as accentuates the beautiful corners of the temple elevating its marvellous architecture.

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Event Highlights:

When: The third weekend of January, following the conclusion of the Uttarayan festival organized by the Tourism corporation of Gujarat

Where: The enchanting environs of the Sun Temple in Modhera, situated 25 km southwest of Mehsana.

Fascinating Insights:

The festival, named Uttarardh Mahotsav, draws inspiration from the Sun’s planetary configuration, symbolizing the Earth’s journey around the Sun.

Uttarayan marks the Sun’s northward journey, signifying the end of winter and the onset of pleasant days. As the Sun travels from Sagittarius to Capricorn, the halfway point is celebrated as Uttararadh.

Technological Marvels of Modhera Temple:

The architectural brilliance of the Modhera temple lies in its planned engineering, aligning with the planetary positions of the Sun. During Equinox, the main temple or sanctum is strategically designed to capture the soft, linear rays of the rising and setting Sun, creating a spectacle of illumination.

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Historical Context:

In the rich tapestry of India’s history, classical dance forms and temple architecture share an inseparable bond. The Modhera Dance Festival, echoing this tradition, serves as a platform for dance performances within the sacred precincts, venerating gods and conveying messages to all social strata. And today through this dance festival they wish to present the dance forms in the original environment where they were performed.

Explore Nearby Treasures:

Extend your journey to Mehsana, Becharaji temple, Unjha, Patan, and Sidhpur, each offering its own cultural and historical narrative. And if you wish to delve deeper in their histories and stories then Frontiers Beyond can be your partner to plan your trip.

Also you should definitely gorge on their local delicacies like Masala Papad and flavoured lassi to name a few. Even as non vegetarians, you will find delight in the mouth-watering stuffs that they need to offer.

Modhera 6Global Appeal:

Art and dance connoisseurs from around the world flock to the Modhera Dance Festival. Classical and folk performers from various states showcase their talent, turning the festival into a splendid convergence of cultures. Local inhabitants and villagers add an authentic touch to this global celebration.

Frontiers Beyond invites you to be part of this enchanting occasion, where history, culture, and art converge in a mesmerizing dance beneath the celestial canvas of the Sun Temple in Modhera. Don’t miss the chance to witness the living heritage of Indian dance and music in the lap of golden history.