Oct ‘ 2022

Jaipur – The Pink City

Jaipur is one of India’s bustling and vibrant cities and the capital city of the regal state of Rajasthan. The center stage for all the magnificent palaces and the smell of valor that you can breathe in at every step in the Pink City is undoubtedly to stay with you there. A book will also not be enough to know and discover hidden gems and unique experiences that lie in Jaipur. Today however we will let you walk the city with its charming past, amazing colors of culture, and some beautiful food hunts and joints worth discovering.

Let us start with the Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds), which is a stunning piece of architecture just right in the middle of a busy road. When u look at the honeycombed structure it just feels as if time decided to stand still there. When you walk inside this beautiful palace you will realize that the honeycombed structure houses small jharokhas or windows for the Rajput queens and princesses to take a peek into the lives outside their luxurious and plush palace. Put your head outside from a collection of over 900 windows and feel the sweet breeze for which it was designed. It was an extension of the city palace. But one of the best views can be enjoyed by climbing the top of the Hawa Mahal. 

But if you are keen to view the outside red sandstone view of the monument, hop into either Wind View Café or the Tatoo Café. Grab a cool drink and sit in their open facades and happily sip the views of the bygone era of the Badi Choupad areas of the city with the sun setting right behind the Hawa Mahal.

After some tummy-satiating activities, do take a walk on the colorful streets of Sireh Deori Bazaar which is just around the corner. The shopping paradise is famous for Jaipuri Razaais or blankets, camel leather items, and lovely souvenirs to cling to.

City Palace and its grandeur: Very close to Hawa Mahal, the mammoth Jaipur City Palace which started its regal existence in the early 18th Century. It boasts of an architecture that speaks loads about the European, Mughal, and Rajputana styles. It is so interesting to note that a part of the palace is still reserved for the royal family. But, there is still so much to still show for the travelers. And Frontiers Beyond will ensure that no matter what time you have, it is best utilized as per your interest and budget to explore the royal corners effectively. The same architects who designed Jaipur City have actually planned City Palace.

You can check out the gem and jeweled Shobha Nivas of the Palace, or the magical and gorgeous Rang Mandir which is also known as the mirror room. And for your insta-worthy feeds, walk into the intricately designed blue hall or the Chhavi Nivas which happens to be the Monsoon retreats for the Rajputs. You can walk into the Pritam Nivas Chowk which has a courtyard that depicts all four seasons and you can getenamored with the beautiful peacock gates. If you have to hear more fascinating tales then dive into one of our amazing tours like Rajput Rendezvous to taste the real Rajasthan.

If you want some amazing experience of fine dining then don’t forget to visit Baradari restaurant inside the palace run by the Royals.

Food guilt trip to LMB: Lakshmi Mishtanna Bhandar is a place that is frequented by the locals, and if you also want to taste some amazing spicy and tangy stuff, try out their Chhole Bhature or their mouth-watering Raj Kachori. If you have a sweet tooth try their Paneer Ghevar. All their items are priced in a really thrifty way.

Jantar Mantar:  Opposite the City Palace, the astronomical wonder of the city awaits the visitors. Sawai Jai Singh, who was the founder of the beautiful structure. He loved stargazing and took exceptional interest in celestial bodies and astronomy in general. It has some real interesting structures and tools made for observing the heavenly bodies or to experience the phenomenon. One of the most prominent of them all is the Samrat Yantra or the Sun dial. It is one of the largest Sun dials in the world as well.

Hike up to Amer Fort: If you want to test the strength in your shanks and hamstrings muscle, you can even rent a cycle to the oldest mountain ranges of India’s Aravalli hills as you hike up the magnanimous Amer Fort.  It is almost 11 kms uphill from the main city. But if you like it the royal way, you can also choose to take up a ride on Elephant’s back. Some lovely musicians always dwell near the entryway towards the main fort. If you like haggling with the local shoppers, you shall have ample scope to do it here as they adorn the gateways with their lovely collection of ornamental items and artworks worth drooling. It is always thronged by huge crowd, but the space is so huge that you will never crave the need for some private moments. As you climb up to the Diwan-i-Aam, you can check the huge courtyard and see the mountainous roads and check out the cool water bodies that surround the grand monument.

If you wish to soothe your eyes with some greenery head towards the Diwan-i-Khaas where the captivating gardens will await you. Around the garden, you will find the sparkling Sheesh Mahal which is a beautiful collection of mirrors, or the Sukh Mandir where the kings chose to spend some tranquil time relaxing to avoid the summer heat of Rajasthan.

Just outside the Amer Fort, there is a lake area that arranges some amazing and spectacular Light and Sound shows with the Amer Fort as the backdrop. This creates a surreal atmosphere worth cherishing, rich with old-world charms and fascinating stories that are deeply hidden in the pages of History books.

Jaigarh Fort for the brave hearts: Named after its creator, Sawai Jai Singh, as you enter the ramparts of this glorious fort, you will find every passageway reminding you of the great Jaivan or the Cannon on wheels. Any mortal being will feel their smallness in front of this cannon that was manufactured within the precincts of the fort. Jaigarh Fort under the present Maharaja comes to worship the cannon on the day of the Dussehra festival every year.  It is one of the biggest cannons on wheels to date in modern history.

Jaigarh and Amer are connected to each other through surreptitious subterranean paths. So, surprise attacks to protect the territory were not so surprising for the Rajput kingdoms who has very strong warrior instincts and skills. If you would like to end your Jaigarh fort trip in a fun way, then do catch up with the amazing puppet show that will add some humor to the day.

General trivia: For all the art lovers, do catch a glimpse of saree making from the Multani soil in the Rajasthan Shilp Gram Udyog.

To learn the secrets of locals you must grab the hands of the Frontiers Beyond team.

The water wonder- Jal Mahal: The Rajput Kings had some amazing tastes and luxurious whims. One such whim led Kind Man Singh to build a summer retreat right in the middle of a water body in Jaipur, which is the Jal Mahal. Whenever he wishes to rest from his palace duties and chores, he chose to tuck himself in the comforts of Jal Mahal which was just a few kms away from his palaces.

The area around Jal Mahal is an ideal place for some local street food tasting and roving your eyes over the little handicraft pieces sold by the small shanties. Splurge on some Gol gappas to pacify your spice-craving taste buds.

Something for the food lovers
If you have a day or two to spare, then don’t forget some of the landmark food joints spread across Jaipur.

Start your day with a flavorful spicy cup of tea with maska bun at Gulab ji Chaiwale. It starts very early in the morning and is frequented by locals and tourists of all groups. The place during its initial days would start its day by feeding the labor for free as early as 4 am in the morning. So have a cup and dip your bun and don’t forget to say “Ram Ram Saa” to the sweet vendors who always sport a smile while bidding Adieu.

Chappan Bhog for your gargantuan Appetite: To experience the biggest Indian veg Thali, you need to head towards Chhappan Bhog joint. A grand plate with a total of chhappan or 56 items for you to gorge on. If you are not too ambitious, then don’t forget to bring some friends who can help you finish this grand thali in this exquisite joint.

Reveling in the festivities: There are endless numbers of cultural festivals happening year-round in the city of Jaipur. But some of the ones around the corner are the grand Dussehra that will be held in the beginning of October. Check out the slaying of the 10-headed demon king Ravana at a grand scale which signifies the victory of Good over Evil by the Vishnu Avatar Ram who is the epitome of all the good qualities of a true man- “Maryada Purshottam”. Huge effigies of Ravana are burnt and brought down which makes for a ravishing show.

Another interesting festival around the corner is the Donkey Festival
 Just 20 km away there are various traders who bring their Donkeys adorned in colorful patterns and ornaments for sale. Donkey race, donkey dance, you name it and you have all the fun.

If you need more unique experiences, you need to trust our story weavers and amazing travel enthusiasts who will make sure that your experiences are unique and you have a different tale of Jaipur to tell once you go back home.