Dec ‘ 2023

Hampi : A Journey to Ancient Architectural Splendor !!

When you think of a place suitable for family travel, or solo backpacking, a hippie paradise and a haven for a history lover, a little bit of adventure trekking combined with ancient and rich architectural wonders that proudly tell the stories of bygone era-we think Hampi can tick all those boxes for you. This village was not so favorite among all classes of travellers even a few years back but now Hampi proudly beckons one and all to come and explore the bountiful places it boasts of. Frontiers Beyond will be happy to take you deep into this quaint riverine village located on the banks of the flowing Tungabhadra.

hampi 3The gorgeous capital of the Vijaynagar empire Hampi can be reached from Bangalore, and Hyderabad and Goa-they are very well connected to the remaining parts of India through both rail and air routes. From all these places, Hampi is around 300 to 350 km and takes around 6 hours from all above places. To encourage people to explore this gem now Bangalore to Jindal Vijaynagar air route has been introduced, which is now the nearest airport- around 35 km only. And by rail, you can reach Hospet which is just 13 km away.

Hampi 2Hampi has a hippie island called the Virupapura Gadde which is a riverine island. So if you wish to explore Hampi as a solo backpacker, this is the place to be. You can walk, bike, or walk around to explore the place. We can also help you set up your camp and enjoy an amazing stargazing night in the city of the ruins. Frontiers Beyond can help you with solo as well as a romantic or family trip or even if you are an adrenaline junkie we can lead you to river rides and exhilarating boulder hopping experiences in Hampi.

Your stay options can vary significantly depending on your preferences- if you want to relax then the riverside cottages and stays are perfect while if you wish to explore eateries and be on the sides where you can visit the locals, check the ruins, then the temple side is more apt. No matter what, Frontiers Beyond can help you curate it.  The riverside experience definitely includes the coracle rides on the river. Coracles are boats made from cane and round in shape, its very exclusive to this part of the country, and a ride is a must-try.

Virupaksha templeOne of the awe-inspiring temples is the Virupaksha temple built during the reign of Deva Raya II of the Vijayanagara Empire. It stood both the ravages of both times and the plundering wraths of the Bahamani sultanates.

Vittala TempleThe other awe-inspiring structure is the stone chariot which is absolutely the flagship attraction of Hampi. But if you look closely, it’s not exactly a chariot but a shrine that resembles a chariot. This is part of the Vittala Temple campus. Lord Vishnu on his mount Garuda (lord of eagles) gets his place inside the stone chariot.  However, many people consider this monolithic, which is carved from one stone, but in reality, it is a collection of many granite stones and blocks. The division between such blocks is hidden very intricately with lovely adornments and carvings which makes many people believe that it has been carved out of one rock or large stone. Mythical battle scenes are carved around the platform over which the chariot stands. We highly recommend you to see the sculptures made there. You will be amused to see it has European figures, Arabic characters, and many more foreign figures carved on it. A full day can fall short to uncover all the mysteries surrounding the stone chariot shrine.

Lotus MahalWe also recommend you check the Sugreeva caves, Lotus Mahal, Elephant stable, Puskarni, Queen’s Bath, and  Ranga temple. If you are still full of energy hike up with us to Anjaneya hills for catching a glimpse of the beautiful first rays of the sun. This hill is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman who devoted his life in the service of Purushottam Shri Ram.

To catch some live music and if you are missing your non-vegetarian morsels, you can rely on the hippie island. . Exchange some fresh hiking spot news updates from the lively travellers who stay put there.

Temple side however is strictly vegetarian. You can try Roti/ Bhakri or Badane Kayi which is brinjal stuffed with dry ginger. Mango Restaurant is very good for tasting traditional stuff and gorging on some sumptuous lassi after an exhausting trek

Hampi SunsetThe best time to travel to Hampi is from October to Mid-March when temperatures are comfortable, but if you want to experience the Hampi Utsav with all its colors and glory, January month is your time to visit. From 2 days to 7 days, any time period can suit for a place like Hampi, only if you are too confused with your options, hold the experienced hands of people like Frontiers Beyond to lead the way.