Fort Kochi
Aug ‘ 2023

Discovering The Enchanting Fort Kochi – A Journey Through Time & Culture

A very quintessential town in peninsular India, Cochin has an addictive old-world charm attached to it. And to be its cynosure, Fort Kochi is the jeweled crown on its head. It is a quaint and old part of the city that dearly hugs all the amazing historic trails that India’s colonial past has imprinted on the region. We at Frontiers Beyond can’t recommend this segment of the city enough that, with its colors, backdrops and vibrance stands tall with a distinct identity of its own.

Fort Kochi can be reached from both airport and bus terminals. Just 50 km away from the airport and 15 km from both the bus terminal and railway station. Very well connected to all the capital cities of Southern India and also with the national capital of Delhi. To know what kind of plan suits you the best for traveling in this part of the city, Frontiers Beyond can craft the perfect tour for you.

Kochi KathakaliIf you delve into the rich history of the place, you shall realize that many from the far west have set their eyes on this beauty. The king of this part had gifted this to the Portuguese who had built the amazing fort after which the name of Fort Kochi was established. Unfortunately, the Dutch captured it and did not value the fort and destroyed it. 100 year went past and then it was finally under the control of the British. Fort Kochi has even attracted Jews and has Jewish settlements in certain segments. Frontiers Beyond surely recommends a walk around the Jewish town of Mattancherry and other Dutch colony regions to breathe some old air which is like remnants of the past.

To catch some sublime sunsets across this coastal wonder head towards the Chinese fishing nets near the beach. It’s a unique experience to experience the hustle and bustle of the busy fishermen who literally haul their nets to get the best catch of the day. But ensure to dress up modestly as this is not the beach to soak the sun. For some swimming and donning your beachwear, we recommend Cherai Beach instead in Vypin Island. It’s just a one-hour ferry travel and you can even park your bikes in the launch that carries you to the islands.

But the place attracts tourists for its strong cultural artifacts. Head towards the Kerala Kathakali Centre to see one of the amazing dance forms of Kerala where the performers smear their faces in vibrant colors and each performance is deeply rooted in some mythological tale and instances which are really intriguing. In the same Centre, you can even watch one of the oldest martial art forms of India which is Kalaripayetu. If the amazing fights with swords brandished do not quench your thirst then attend a class to test your mettle in the art form.

Fort Kochi ChurchFor history buffs, Frontiers Beyond definitely recommends a strut through Mattancherry where the oldest Jewish Synagogue Pardeshi Synagogue holds the 450-year-old history all alone. The Jews in this part were called Malayali Jews, and many of them went to Israel after its formation but still some held on to Fort Kochi.  You can also visit some shops which are plenty in number to take home some loved souvenirs from this part. Haggle to your heart’s content and take the best buys.

Walk into the gifted Fort Kochi Dutch Palace which was gifted to the King by the Portuguese in the 16th Century. It is now a museum worth visiting and boasts of its proud architecture. Even the St. Francis Church and Dutch Cemetery can add a different feel to your trip.

Local Market Fort KochiFort Kochi is the place where you will be amazed to see the art in the nooks and crannies of simple and small streets. Wall painting and graffiti are very common and you will know that the city breathes and eats art. At Kochi Biennale you can soak in some amazing art with concepts that are food to the mind. It’s held in every 2 years and invites art aficionados from far and near.

If you are planning a trip soon then do catch up on the New Year Carnival in Fort Kochi which is absolutely grand and delightful. In fact, some of the best time to visit the place is early November to February end when the weather is inviting, other times the region can be hot and humid or see some terrific spells of Monsoon rains.

Fort Kochi also has some gastronomical journeys worth taking and Frontiers Beyond can make sure that you taste the authentic sago biryani called the Ellum Kappayum which is served hot with beef ribs that blend perfectly with the carby taste of tapioca. Tapioca being a stable called Kappa is a real favorite among locals and they can create magic with this. For some seafood delights we highly recommend Kallumakya which is basically roasted mollusks teamed with steamed rice. And Kerala fish curry can be found in some of the high-end restaurants to the local shanties as well and Frontiers Beyond can craft the best food itinerary for you as per your choice and budget,

As we still enjoy the dank winters, ensure to get in touch with us for your Fort Kochi Trip for an unforgettable experience.

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